Equipment Sales

We have a large selection of construction supplies for all your needs. We are here to help you pick the best products and materials for your job or project.

No matter the project, Five Star Rentals provides quality used construction equipment to help you accomplish your job. We offer new and used Kubota machines and other manufacturers at reasonable prices. If your company needs construction equipment, consider used construction machinery to stretch your budget. Refurbished and operating at peak performance, used construction machinery will get the job done without depleting your resources.

What Do We Carry?

Small Construction Equipment:
We carry small construction equipment to help tackle smaller scale projects like skid steers, mini excavators and loader backhoes. They’re perfect for navigating through tighter spaces where items like dozers and hydraulic excavators are just too big (to move

Heavy Construction Equipment:
Hydraulic excavators, dozers and cranes are one of the most common types of heavy machinery used on large scale construction sites in the preparation and excavation process.

Construction tractor

Benefits of Five Star Rental Equipment Sales

Long-term Cost Savings

Purchasing construction equipment can provide long-term cost savings over renting or leasing, as the equipment can be used for multiple projects without recurring rental fees.

Equipment Customization

Contractors can customize owned equipment to meet specific project requirements, such as adding specialized attachments or features.

Greater Control

Owning equipment gives contractors greater control over scheduling and project timelines, as they are not restricted by rental periods or availability.

Branding Opportunities

Contractors can brand owned equipment with their company logo, providing an opportunity for increased brand visibility and recognition on job sites.
Kubota ATV

Equipment sales can provide long-term cost savings for contractors, as owning equipment eliminates recurring rental fees and provides greater control over scheduling and project timelines. Additionally, owning equipment can offer tax benefits and increase the value of a contractor’s company as an asset.

Five Star Rentals can provide heavy machinery, tools, and equipment used in the construction industry, and can provide long-term benefits for contractors who require equipment for ongoing projects.